A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2019- Ultimate 67% off

Summary: A2 Hosting is the best web hosting provider in a budget even a2 Hosting is providing 67% off on black friday sale 2019. If you are a beginner or an intermediate on your online journey, I will highly recommend you to use A2 Hosting as a web hosting provider.

Pros of A2 Hosting
One of the lowest but best performing hosting in the market.
They provide automated server rewind backup
Promising loading speed because of SSD
Easy to use control panel
24×7 customer support

Cons of A2 Hosting
As of now they only have 4 data center
Included extra plugins if you install WordPress from the A2 optimised WordPress installer.
Price gets a little bump in the renewal

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A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2019 Are:

A2 Hosting has 5 types of hosting. And black Friday 2019 they are offering a high percentage discount in every hosting type.

Hosting TypesDiscount
Shared Hosting 67% off
WordPress Hosting 60% off
Vps Hosting 50% off
Dedicated Server 50% off

In my recommendation, you should try a shared hosting swift or turbo plan if you are just starting.

Why and Who Need This Hosting Provider

Every year, In this black Friday lots of people, want to start a WordPress blog but their budget doesn’t allow them to buy a premium fast loading hosting, domain, and others.
Even when I started my blogging journey, my financial condition was completely broken to buy good hosting and other stuff. I was thinking, a premium hosting can cost me 1000 dollars every year.

If you also want to start your blogging journey in 2019 or you are an intermediate blogger and thinking to shift to a reliable hosting provider.

Then A2 hosting can be a great choice for you.
And from my story… This hosting provider is coming in my budget and it was also providing some awesome features. 
And now, I am using A2 hosting providers for the last 2 years and it didn’t break my expectations with it.
Here is the cost of my web hosting provider in the last 2years.

a2 hosting black friday deals 2020

And my current website performance

Google speed test result

If you can also relate yourself with me then believe me this hosting provider can change your whole blogging journey. 
You can get 67% discount in a2 hosting black friday sale 2019.

Benefits and features of A2 Hosting

As you already know that a2 Hosting is one of the lowest budgets but fast performing web hosting out there.  But how effective are the features of this hosting?
If we look at my website performance,

Turbo server speed: Turbo server speed is one of the main features of this web hosting. But what does it mean? They provide SSD in their servers instead of HDD and as we all know that SSD is faster than HDD, they called it turbo server speed.
And this works well You can check my website loading speed.

Google speed test result

You can see that my website gain 91 percent in google page speed insight tool.

Free and Easy site migration:  Migrating website from one server to another server is kind of hard work and sometimes it completely mess your website. 
And if you are planning to move your website from another web hosting to a2 hosting then this deal can make your day.  As it comes with free migration, their guru supports them will help you to migrate your site. 

One of my blogger friends wants to migrate their website from another hosting (can’t disclose the name) because of the poor performance of hosting to a2 hosting.
And the support team helped him by making a phone call and advising them to do the steps.

Easy to use control panel with free SSL: Do you know, when I was starting my WordPress blog, I was not knowing anything about how to install WordPress on a2 hosting or anything.  But easy to use control panel and only a few clicks WordPress installation helps me to set up my first WordPress website.
You can take a free course on how to perfectly install WordPress site in a2 hosting.  Just enter your name and email to go…

If you are in the blogging world from a few years then you probably know about the Google ranking factors and one of the ranking factors is a secure website. 
And if you want to make your website secure then it can cost you money in other web servers providers but in A2 hosting you can get it for free.  Here is the image of my secured website.

a2 hosting free ssl with shared hosting plan

Free automatic backup: Automated backup is one of the awesome features which this hosting provides. This is awesome because when you use WordPress as your CMS it can create lots of problems if you curiously installed a nulled plugin or theme then it can just crash your site.
But here is the benefit, if you will use a2 hosting, it will automatically create a backup of your site from time to time.
You just have to set the time and duration when you want to get back up your site Monthly, Weekly or daily.

Here are the few other benefits you will get when you use this service.

  1. The unlimited website you can host from swift plan
  2. Unlimited SSD storage
  3. Unlimited Database creation from a swift plan
  4. Free integration with Cloudflare
  5. Unlimited Email hosting From swift plan
  6. Proactive protection of the security
  7. 24/7/365 free support

And much you will get in the a2 hosting.

People’s thought on this hosting

This is an objective review of the migration process and the migration team performance of A2 hosting. I gave go-ahead to migration team about 40 hours back from now. Within 1 hour the team declared migration completed. And it has been a fully successful migration.
Atanu C.

Took a few tries but they finally fixed my complicated PostgreSQL database configuration problem for a shared hosting Django site. I admired their determination in trying to help my specific and rather advanced problem…
Barry P

In my opinion, this is one of the reliable hostings, It helped me to grow my online business in a low budget. And the customer support is also awesome, if I come to know about any problem in my plan, I Just simply open a support ticket and they help me out within an hour.
Bitu rauth

Alternative of A2 Hosting

Siteground: Siteground is also similar to a2 hosting, they also provide more benefits in less money. But I will recommend this hosting to intermediate bloggers, Bloggers who know custom WordPress installation and more.

Hostgator: Hostgator is one of the most used web hosting out there. This hosting is a little more expensive then a2 hosting and Site ground but and the user interface is also not good for beginners.

FAQs of A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals

1. What is a2 hosting?
A2 hosting is a well-known hosting provider, It provides server space to host the website, web apps and more.

2. What is a2 hosting black Friday sale 2019?
Black Friday is a sale where lots of sass company offers discounts. And a2 hosting is also providing a 67% discount on their shared hosting plans.

3. Is a2 hosting good?
From my experience, this is a great hosting provider for beginners and intermediate bloggers and small business owners.

4. Where a2 hosting server located?
A2 hosting server or data centers are located in USA – Michigan USA – Arizona Europe – Amsterdam Asia – Singapore.

5. Is a2 hosting worth buying this black Friday?
Yes! It is a good hosting provider so if you are looking for a good hosting provider in a low budget then I will recommend you for it.

Conclusion: Now, you know every thing about a2 hosting.  What are you thinking?
Should you invest money in a2 hosting?
Here are my answer…

If you are passionate about blogging or want to create a business but your budget is not allowing you to invest in high-end servers then I will recommend this hosting to you.

Some of the links listed below are affiliate links, So in case you make a purchase any product from my link, I will get little commission from the companies but no extra cost to you.

a2hosting black friday sale 2019

I am an author and the owner of Mastertheseo Blog. I help other bloggers and business owners to grow their website and make money online. I am a blogging from last 4 years, started first blog in 2014. When I am not doing work I like to talk about awesome gadgets. Let’s talk in Twitter @rauthbitu about your website

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