Blogspot SEO: 8 Actionable Techniques for 2020 (updated)

Do you also believe that it is hard to optimize your Blogspot blog for SEO?
As it doesn’t support SEO plugins as WordPress does.  

Well you don’t need to worry now,
Because I have simple and actionable SEO techniques
that help me increase my website traffic to 87303.

i generated 87000 page views

This blog post also contains best Blogspot SEO settings like 

Custom robots header tag 
Custom permalinks 
how to add a search description. 
blogger search preferences settings
And a lot more…

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So read this blog post till the end.
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1. Write an Eye-Grabbing Headline

Do you know why you should care about your blog post headline? 
Because 80% of your audience bounce off from your blog post by only looking at the headline and only 20% of people stick around. 

So you should also spend some time to write an eye-grabbing headline  
But how will you write it… 
Here are some powerful tips to write a catchy headline for your blog post. 

Tip1 : Use FOMO when possible 

Are you probably thinking, what the hell is FOMO? 
So Fomo stands for FEAR OF MISSING OUT.

FOMO generates a strong emotion in our brain that you are left behind in something. 
And no one likes to be left behind. 

So you can use this technique to write a better headline. 
For example,

fomo technique to write better headline

By reading the headline, you also want to know what that secret technique is? 
So use the technique whenever possible.

Tip2 : Add keywords in your Title 

Adding keywords in your blog post makes little weight in your blog posts. 
This is not a ranking factor but this is the best practice to do according to industry experts. 
For example, I add keywords in my every blog post’s headline.

i have added keyword on blog post headline

Tip3 :  Add Numbers in your Title 

According to a recent study by Moz, show that headline with numbers performs 36% better than any other types of title.  

add numbers in title for CTR

That is the exact reason, I also add numbers in this blog post headline. 

You already know, the Link structure in Blogspot is so bad. 
It has a long URLs formatting.

And auto-generated permalinks for blog posts make it even long which is not good for SEO. 
But you can use custom permalinks in your blog post to make it a little shorter. 

Here is how to do that, 
Click on the permalinks on the right-hand side of the post-editing dashboard. 

And select custom permalinks
Now you can edit post level URLs. 

Add custom permalinks in your blog

Here are some tips to make your link SEO friendly.

3. Optimize your Robots.txt file 

Before I tell you how to optimize your robots.txt file. 

Let me tell you what is a Robots.txt file?

Robots.txt file contains some text which gives instructions to search engine crawlers to not index some parts of your website and vice versa. 

But how this can be helpful for you.
Here is the deal.

If you have a lot of blog posts in your blog, you may have seen that some of your blog posts are not getting indexed.

This happens because of the crawl budget.
If you disallow categories and other unimportant pages then it will increase the chances of getting important pages indexed.

You can check out all the problems by submitting your site to search console.

Here is the Robot.txt file which works for me.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

This file will disallow the tag and label to get indexed which helps you prevent duplicate content issues. 

To add this file to your blogger blog. 
Go to settings from the dashboard 
Under the settings click search preference  

Dashboard >> Settings >> Search preference

Now enable the custom robots.txt option
And add the text in the field.

add custom robots txt file

4. Enable SSL Encryption 

Https or SSL encryption is one of the confirmed ranking factors of Google. 
As you know that Google cares a lot about the security of its users. 
And it’s a big deal if your site is not secured. 

https as ranking signal

But how will you make your site secure? 
Here is the deal… 

Blogger blog comes with an SSL encryption but when you convert your Blogspot domain name to a custom domain name, https or SSL encryption gets turned off. 

Which you need to enable if you want to have a secure blog. 
Here is how to do it. 

Go to setting and basic from the dashboard 

Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic 

enable https in blogger

And select yes in the https redirects. 
Now, your blog will redirect all the links to https. 

5. Enable Meta Description

The meta description is one of the important tags for your blogger SEO. 
According to experts, Meta description doesn’t have a direct effect on SEO but it helps you increase the CTR of your blog which makes a clear effect on SEO. 

More Click-Through Rate means a higher ranking. 

But the blogger blog comes with the auto-generated meta description field. Where the meta description will auto-generate according to the blog post content.

However, you can also add custom meta descriptions by enabling it from settings.

To enable it
Go to settings then search preference
Settings >> Search preference 
And enable meta tag

enable meta description for blogspot seo

Now, this will come up with a blank field, 
Here you can add a meta description for your blog’s homepage.

meta description in search engine

And this will also bring a new field in the blog post area called “ Search Description “  where you can add a description for your blog post.

adding search description in blogger blog post

6. Add LSI Keywords

Adding LSI keywords in your blog post will improve your blogspot seo.

If you don’t know, let me make you clear

LSI ( Latent  Semantic Indexing ) is a natural language processing technique where it helps determine the relationship between two or a set of words. 

But LSI technique doesn’t make any direct impact on ranking 
Says by the webmaster of google, 

google's webmaster on LSI keywords

However, you can use this technique to rank for some long variation of your keywords. 

In simple words, Lsi keywords are nothing but synonyms and long variations for your targeted keywords. 

But how do you find LSI keywords 
Here is the deal…

Tip1 : Find keywords from google Autosuggest 

I mostly use this simple technique to find other variations of my targeted keywords.
Here is how to do it. 

First, go to Google search and enter your seed keyword but don’t search for it. 

Now, in a couple of seconds, Google will generate the best fit keywords to add in your blog post. 

finding LSI keywords from google autosuggest

Tip2 : Use LSI Keywords Finder 

There are lots of LSI keywords research tools available, but my favorite is the LSI graph
First, open the tool and enter your seed keywords and click generate. 

It will bring lots of related keywords for your blog post. 

Finding keywords in lsi graph

When you have a list of semantic keywords, naturally add it in the blog post. 
Try to add some keywords in the first few paragraphs of the blog post. 

7. Optimize your Images 

Most blogger users don’t take image SEO seriously when I was also a Blogspot user, I used to do the same.

Have I added images to my blog post?
I am ready to publish it.

And when I came to know that, my ranking can be improved by doing some simple image SEO techniques. 

I did it right away.
Here are the 2 steps process to optimize your blog post images. 

Step 1 – Rename Your Blog Images 

Google’s machine learning technology is so awesome, it has so much developed in 2020. 
But it is not perfect yet. 

A recent study by Ahref shows that Google doesn’t understand the difference between Cheese and Butter. 

Google cheese butter test by ahref

I mean, Google doesn’t understand the difference between the same looking images. 

So it is better to give your images a good name. 

For example, home-workout.jpg make more information about your content than just img14296.jpg 

Step 2 – Add Alt tag and Caption 

Alt-text is the next thing that affects your Blogspot SEO. 

According to google, Alt text helps google to understand the subject matter of images. 
This directly helps google to understand the topic of your blog post.

But how will you add alt text in blogger,

Here is how, 

When you add an image in the blogger dashboard
Click on the properties and here you can add alt text for that image 

adding alt text in images

Google doesn’t like bloggers who stuff their keywords in the alt tag

So here is the best format to add an alt tag 

Bad (keyword stuffing):
<img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”puppy dog baby dog pup pups puppies doggies pups litter puppies dog retriever  labrador wolfhound setter pointer puppy jack russell terrier puppies dog food cheap dogfood puppy food”/>

Best: <img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”Dalmatian puppy playing fetch”/>

Here you go. 
Let’s move to the next tip…

8. Add Schema Markup in your blog posts

Here is the deal,
First, let me make you clear there is no such evidence that Schema affects your ranking

But some studies show that search results with schema markup have more click-through rates than without schema markup. 

Growth of ctr with faq schema

As you already know, More click-through rate means a higher ranking. 

And by only adding faq schema markup to one of my blog posts, my CTR improved from 3.2% to 6.2%. 
Which directly increased my ranking from no 5 to no 1. 

you are probably thinking,
What the heck is this schema?

Schema or Schema markup is a set of microdata, which creates rich results in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yandex. 

Schema rich results in search

You probably have seen these types of results in search engines, this can be possible by implementing schema markup.

But How will you add schema to your blogger blog posts? 

Here is a step by step process, how I add it. 

Step1:- First of all head over to a tool called Schema Markup Generator by technical SEO. And choose a schema type which you want to add in your blog post

For example, I want to add a Faq schema to my blog post, so I will choose FAQ from the list. 

faq schema generator

Step 2:- in this step, we need to fill out all the information on your blog post. 

For example- I have to add questions and answers to the tools. 

adding questions in faq schema generator

Step 3:- Now, copy all the codes from the left-hand side box and 
Paste it at the end of your blog post. 

adding schema codes in blog post

Here you go 
By following this simple technique, you can increase your website’s CTR. 

Faq related to Blogspot SEO 2020

1. Is Blogspot good for SEO? 
If you have proper knowledge of SEO then you can easily rank your blogger blog. But still, it is not as effective as WordPress. 

2. What is SEO in Blogger? 
SEO also is known as Search Engine Optimization is a way to optimize your blog post for search engines like google. 

3. How to rank your blogger blog on google? 
Use the following techniques described in the blog post and you have more chances to rank on google. 

4. What happens to Blogspot? 
Nothing happened to Blogspot, Google just rebrands it as Google Blogger. 

Conclusion:- At this point, you already know that SEO is so important if you want to rank your blog in search engines. So if you follow all the advice described above then you have better chances to rank on google. 

Now, here is a quick task for you. Let me know which technique you want to try first? 

Are you going to add custom permalinks?
Or, You’re gonna enable meta description. 
Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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