Social Snap Black Friday Sale 2019 (Try it for only 19$)

Summary: Social Snap is one of the most used WordPress social media sharing plugins. And I like it too. This can help you to increase traffic and engagement from social media. And now you can get 50% discount in every plan on this social snap Black Friday sale 2019.

Pros of Social Snap:
It doesn’t slow down my website
Easy to customizable buttons
Optimized for every device
Link tracking features
Social meta tag optimization feature.

Cons of Social Snap:
It’s little overpriced as compared to other
Support helps users, but with little time.

Why you need Social Snap

Are you suffering from low traffic from social media?
Or your website doesn’t have a social media presence.
If your answer is yes!
Then this tool can be game-changing for you.
With the help of this plugin, you can grow your social media accounts as well as you can increase the traffic on your website.

Let’s talk about why I use this plugin.
A few months back when I was not using this tool but I was using the free version of Social Warfare.

I was getting to very low to no traffic from social media like Twitter.
no one is tweeting my content because the plugin was using didn’t have a click to tweet button or a mobile-optimized social sharing button.

But after using this plugin my tweet and impressions are just blown up.
Here is my twitter analytics
Zero to 8239 impression in just 28days.

twitter analytics after using click to tweet

So if you are in the same shoe, I had then I will highly recommend you to use this tool.
And don’t forget to tweet my timeline with your friends.

Benefits and Features of Social Snap plugin

As you know Social Snap helps me a lot to drive traffic from social media sites.
And I was only able to do it because of the awesome features it provides.

I will discuss some of its awesome features here,  but if you already made your minds to buy it then I will highly recommend you to buy a social snap plugin in black Friday sale 2019.
Here are a few features of it.

Social Sharing Button: First of all, let’s talk about the most used feature of it.  It provides a clean looking and customizable social sharing button.
And setting up this floating button is easy, you just need to enable it from the setting and it will display the floating social sharing buttons on your website.

social snap sharing buttons

As you can see on the left side of this website at the bottom of the website if you are on the mobile screen.
Or you can place this button almost anywhere,  You can place it in the floating sidebar, Inline on the website, sticky bar or even on media.

And it is coming with over 30 most used social media websites and apps.
So you don’t need to worry if your audience is not available on Twitter or facebook.  Here is the image of social media networks, it provides.

social network provided by social snap

Click to Tweet: this feature is currently blowing in the blogging industry. So if you are not using it then you are missing a lot. 

Even this feature also recommend by Brian Dean ( Founder of Backlinko Blog) Do you want to know why they suggest you use this?
Because this single technique helps brian dean to get more 6358 social shares in his single blog post.
And you can also use the same features it provides to get more social shares.

Backlinko click to tweet technique

Now, How you can add this feature in this feature in your blog post.
You just need to do a few simple things.
Enable it from the settings of the social snap plugin.

Now, if you are using Gutenberg editor just I like to use it then.
You need to add a new block from then icon and add it to your post.

Enable click to tweet feature

Add the text, you wanted to get tweeted.
Done! You are ready to get lots of tweets in your blog post.

Social Meta Data: does your blog post featured images don’t look good on facebook and twitter when you share it?
If yes then here is the deal for you… (and also black Friday deals 2019 is running so make sure to check it)

With the help of this plugin, you can control, how your blog post will going to look when it gets shared.
You can add a custom photo, title and meta description and even a video it gets displayed when someone shares it on social sites.

Social Auto Poster: This is one of the top features of this plugin and lots of people like this feature. But what this feature does?
It will automatically share your blog post across all the platforms you have synced.
It can save a lot of time.

And if you are a guy like me who doesn’t like to see cats picture all in the feed then you rarely open your social media accounts.
Which is dope but this is an add-on and you need to have a pro or the agency plan to use these features.

Social Snap More Features:

  1. Social Follower button with live followers counts
  2. Advanced analytics (it will help you analyze which social site working best for you and more.)
  3. Boost old posts ( as the name suggest it will automatically share your old posts to get some interaction )
  4. Social login ( if you have a membership website then it will allow your members to login with their social networks )
  5. Top-performing post widget ( it can list all the top-performing blog posts in the sidebar )

Blogger’s Opinion on Social Snap

Lots of bloggers and digital marketers are talking about this product because of the effectiveness it provides.
Here are a few thoughts…

I have been using other social plugins for years but lately was looking for something that offers more features. I bumped into Social Snap and it offers solid features such as stats and easy to use configuration options. Now, ShoutMeLoud uses Social Snap plugin for social media sharing.

Harsh agarwal

Harsh Agarwal


I’ve tried tons of different social sharing plugins over the years and for a high traffic blog like mine, page load speed is a major factor to optimize for. I landed on Social Snap and I couldn’t be happier.

Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson


Robust, fast, and packed are full of growth-centric features. Social Snap is an essential plugin in my marketing arsenal.

Adam Connell

Adam Connell

Blogging Wizard

This is one of the most effective tools I am using. It is fast to load and optimized for every screen.
I love the click to tweet feature most.
I will highly recommend this plugin to new bloggers.

Alternatives to Social Snap

Social Warfare: Social warfare is a similar product like a social snap.
You can also check this out to compare the plans.

Monarch: Monarch is also a similar product to social snap. But it is more costly than social snap.

Social Snap Black Friday 2019 FAQs

1. Will social snap plugin slow down my website?
No! This is one of the fastest social sharing plugins. It only takes 2-5ms to load the plugin. And it is knowingly build to load faster.

2. Who should use the social snap plugin?
This plugin is built for everyone who has a WordPress website. But bloggers can make most out of it.

3. Does social snap work on the non-WordPress website?
No! Social snap is only built for the WordPress website.

4. If I don’t like the product then can I request a refund?
Yes! You can ask for a refund if you don’t like the product within 30 days of purchase.

Conclusion: As you know that social snap is a great plugin for bloggers and business owners who want to get traffic from social media sites. 
So if you have a budget and want to invest in the increasing traffic from social media sites then I will highly recommend you to use this plugin.
And even social snap black Friday 2019 is going on so you can get an awesome deal now.

Some of the links listed below are affiliate links, So in case you make a purchase any product from my link, I will get little commission from the companies but no extra cost to you.

Social snap black friday deals

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