How to Start Blogging in 2022

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Do you want to start a blog? 

2022 seems like a great year to kickstart your blogging journey. 

You probably have seen blogging gurus posting online about their income. 

“I make five-digit dollars this month from my blog.” 

Or a guy posting images of working from some great beach in abroad,

Here is the truth about all of that, you can make money by travelling and working an hour or two from the beach. 

But this is all not going to happen in a night. 

If you think that you will make money overnight, then please find out something else because this guide won’t help you make money overnight. 

If you promise to be persistent, then here is your guide on starting a blog in 2022. 

Here are all the ingredients you will need to set up and jumpstart your blog in just 30mins or less. 

  • An idea about a topic to blog 
  • A branded domain name 
  • One good web hosting 
  • And your full attention for 30min. 

I am not kidding you don’t need more than 30 mins to start a WordPress blog. 

If you are in this stage, I guess you have little knowledge about WordPress and Blogging. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know. 

In a nutshell, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS ( Content Management Systems) and the best platform to start blogging. 

There are some other and free blogging platforms like Google’s Blogger. 

But in this guide, I am going to show you how to set up a WordPress blog. 

Step by Step Guide to Start a Blog in 2022

  • Choose a Profitable Niche 
  • Register a domain name 
  • Grab a Good Web Hosting 
  • Set up and Design the blog 
  • Do Technical SEO 
  • Write your first post 
  • Promote your blog post 
  • Make monetization plan ( Pdf Only for Mastertheseo Members )
  • Faq Related Starting a Blog in 2022

Here you go, if you do all the things as described here, then you ended up having a successful blog. 

Enough talking, let’s get straight to the guide. 

Step 1. Choose a Profitable Niche 

Choosing the right Niche is essential work before you step out and write your first blog post. 

In a nutshell, Niche is a topic or idea in which you will write blog posts. 

I guess you probably have an idea in your mind that you want to start your blog, don’t worry if you don’t have any idea inside you. 

You can download the top yet profitable niches idea’s ebook. 

Or you can ask these questions to yourself to find a perfect one. 

Q1. What are thighs I like to do daily, for example – Doing techy thighs or Sweating in the gym 

Q2. What are the topics you talk with your friends, for example – I mostly talk about business and ideas. 

Q3. How my environment looks, for example – what are the posters you have in your room, Which types of books and articles you read, or what are the products you buy the most? 

You probably have an idea till now, That’s great! 

There are four main aspects in which your idea has to stand out. 

  1. Your Passion 
  2. Other’s interest 
  3. Profitability 
  4. Knowledge 
4 aspects of a good niche

Let’s talk about all the aspects in detail. 

1. Your Passion and Interest – This is one of the main factors which will help you make a long blogging journey.

Once my mentor said to me, if You want to have growth in your business and professional life then start loving what you do.

And if you are not passionate about something, it will be hard for you to love your work. For example – From high school, I was so enthusiastic about tech, gadgets so that time,

I started a tech blog, which was a huge mess for me I wrote about 10+ blog posts, and when I find that my blog isn’t growing as I expected, I stop doing it because I was not passionate about tech.

Before you start your blog, think twice about how passionate you are about your idea. 

2. Other’s Interest: This is another big factor for your blog to grow because if no one cares what you do, then there is no reason for doing it. 

Your blogging idea must solve someone’s problem. The bigger problem means bigger business opportunities. 

Look at any big business out there they all are solving something big. 

For example- your speaking English is not good, we have an excellent English speaking course, or take my blog as an example. I am solving your problem to create a blog and grow it. 

3. Knowledge about the idea you have – This is also an important factor. It is not as important as solving a problem. 

In brief, you only need very little knowledge to start a blog on that topic. 

Many people think that I have to master the topic before starting a blog, but it’s not true you can learn on the go. 

But learning about the niche is crucial for the growth of your blog. 

If you have 1% more knowledge about the topic than the rest of the people, you are ready to start your blog. 

4. Profitability of the idea – You should also care about the idea’s profitability if you want to make money from your blog. 

If you don’t care about money, then that’s great. 

But how will you check if your idea is profitable or not? 

Here are the two methods 

Method 1 – Check the other blogs on the same topic, and find out how they are making money. 

Do they have ads on the website, or do they promote any product? 

Method 2 – Check online shopping websites, what are the products you can recommend related to the idea? 

If you have a good amount of products, then that’s great news. 

Tip – If you have many competitors on the topic, then the topic is profitable. 

Here you go 

Now it’s your turn

Take a blank sheet and create five columns, write down your ideas on the first column and add the other four factors in the other four columns. 

Now check on the idea if it meets the criteria. 

1. While you start a blog, you should choose a low competitive and small niche related of big industry. 

And as your blog grows, you can increase the coverage. 

2. Ensure you have many competitors on the topic; competition means the topic is profitable. 

3. Try to choose a growing sector, so your blog’s craze will never wipe out. 

Here is how to check the growth of the topic. 

Go to Google trends and add the topic to the search section, and Google will show you the growth of the topic. 

For example – In this upcoming year, people will be obsessed about their health, so it makes more sense to create a dieting blog than a food blog, but you can also show healthy cooking related to diet blogging. 

food blog vs health blog compare

Step 2. Register Your Domain Name 

This the second yet crucial step to start your blog. In this step, you have to find a perfect domain or URL for your blog. 

In a nutshell, a domain name is a unique address that people use to access your blog. 

For example,- is my domain name. 

According to some expert bloggers, a domain name makes a lot of difference in your blog’s success. 

And I believe this too. 

According to a research, domain name or blog URLs is the first thing users notice when then land onto your blog. 

And as always, the first impression is the last. 

So if you failed to make an excellent first impression, then not so many people will come back to your blog. 

But how will you mine a perfect domain name for your blog? 

Here are the five tips which will help you get the right domain name. 

1. Make it short – According to research, short URLs tend to work better than long URLs. And this is not rocket science. 

Short URLs are easy to read than long URLs. 

It’s hard to find one-word domain names like Facebook, Quora, and Forbes, so try to grab a two-word domain name like Bloggingranger, Foodranger and more. 

You can increase the word count if it is hard to find two-word domain names. 

For example – Searchengineland and more 

2. Don’t use numbers – Always try to avoid numbers and hyphens in your domain name. 

Don’t know about others but I collaborate hyphens and numbers in domain names to spam. 

And more so this doesn’t feel branded. 

3. Find Unique and Branded Name – Domain name plays a vital role in your brand, So if you want to rock your brand then choose a branded and unique domain name. 

4. Use Keywords in your Domain name – Using keywords in your domain name is a kind of Good habit. It tells people and search engines that this whole website is about the topic ( there are some other factors but still adding keywords in your domain name make it worthy ). 

For example- Bloggingranger ( Blogging represent the blogging industry ) 

5. Always choose.Com – Dot-com domain extension is one of the most used and trusted domain names. 

There are lots of new domain extensions like .blog or or more. 

Many untechy persons use .com in almost all domain names because it is easy to read and remember. 

So it makes more sense to choose the .com extension over the new extension. 

There is one more type of domain extension called country level domain extension here are few .in, .uk and more. If you want to target a specific country, choose a country-level domain, for example, if you’re going to target Indian audiences, you can use .in domain name. 

According to some studies, country-level domain extensions help in ranking in a specific country. 

Step 3. Grab a Good Web Hosting 

If you want to start your WordPress blog, you will need perfect and fast web hosting. 

And choosing a good web hosting can be difficult when you are starting. 

Web Hosting companies describe all the nuts and bolts which can be difficult for you to understand. 

Here are the four essential tips

1. Choose a fast server – In 2022 website speed is going to be a big ranking factor.

And every web developer and UX designer is talking about website speed. 

So make sure your hosting is fast, so your website will also load fast. 

2. Good Support System – The web hosting, You are planning to choose should have a great support system. 

Why? In case you mess up with your website or anything, a good support team will help you recover from it. 

3. Should Provide SSL – a secure website is very important if you want to gain your audience’s trust. And an SSL certificate will help you do that. So before you purchase a web hosting, make sure that they provide free SSL with the plan. 

4. Check billing cycle – If the web hosting you plan to choose, is giving an 80-90% discount, then check the billing cycle. 

Actually, lots of web hosting companies provide a great discount in the first year and from next year they charge 10x more.

So before you fall into the trap, ask the support team how much this will cost you next year. 

For every new blogger, I will recommend you to choose Hostinger web hosting to get started because it costs less but provides a good service. However, I have a good web hosting list, which costs less and provides a great service. 

Step 4. Set Up Your WordPress Blog in Hostinger

Here is the deal. In this step, we are going to install your WordPress blog. 

At this point, you probably have a web hosting company. In this tutorial, I will cover how you can install WordPress in Hostinger web hosting as it is recommended to get started. 

After you purchase hostinger web hosting, Go to the dashboard. 

From the dashboard click on the Hosting section, Here you will see the plan you have purchased. 

Now, Here click on the manage button. 

This will open the control interface of your web hosting plan; from here, you can manage and advanced stuff. 

But here we are going to install WordPress, so to do that. 

Scroll down to the website section and click on the auto-installer 

The auto-installer is a tool, which will help you install different platforms and cms in your web hosting, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more. 

Now here, Click on the WordPress 

If WordPress will not be the most popular, Just search for WordPress in the search bar. 

Here it will take you to the setup page, Here first select your domain name. 

( You have to add your domain name when you are purchasing web hosting )

In the next step, create an administrative credential for your WordPress blogs like username, password and email address and hit continue. 

Here is the last step, Now give the brand name and tagline to your blog. 

And that’s it…

Here you go, You have successfully set up your blog. 

Now, this is the time to design your WordPress blog. 

Step 5. Designing the WordPress Blog

Designing a WordPress blog is not very difficult work to do.

WordPress comes with lots of themes and templates which you can install and start your blog. 

One of my favorite themes is GeneratePress, and I use this theme in almost all of my blogs. 

This theme is elementary to customize and provide high-speed performance. 

Watch the video to install Generatepress in your WordPress blog. 

GeneratePress is a premium theme, but you can use it with limited functions for free.

If you want to purchase it, then it is great. It will bring a lot of functions and customizations. 

After you purchase Generatepress, Download the GP Premium plugin and save it to your computer.

Now, log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Appearance section.

Here click on the Add New button on the top.

WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Add New 

In this page, you have to search for GeneratePress and install the theme. 

And click on the Activate button to activate the theme. 

When you are done! 

Go to the Plugins section and click on the Add New button. 

Plugins >> Add New 

You will see a screen like below’s image 

[ image of plugin directory ] 

Now here Click on the Upload Plugin. 

Here Choose the GP Premium file which you had saved and Click on the install now. 

It will install the plugin and click on activate. 

Here you go, you have successfully installed a nice-looking theme in your WordPress blog. 

Now you can customize your blog according to your brand voice. 

Here is a video about basic customization tips. 

Generate press customization

2 important tips before you start the customization 

Tip 1. Choose a brand Color palette – Please don’t add too many colors to your blog. Stick with a brand color, for example – My blog’s brand color is Green that’s why you can see lots of green stuff here. 

Tip 2. Choose a Font – Please don’t choose a font on the go, decide it before you touch customizations. 

I will highly recommend you to go with one or two fonts. 

One for the headings and other bold text and one for paragraphs. 

Step 6. Essential Plugin for a New Blog 

You need to install a few WordPress plugins, which will make your blog smooth. There are thousands of plugins that you can install, but here I will show you the list of plugins that I personally use. 

WP Rocket – Speed is everything in 2022, so if your blog doesn’t load fast, then your user might not like your blog. Here WP Rocket comes into play. WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin that helps you to speed up your blog. 

UpdraftPlus – UpdraftPlus is a freemium WordPress tool, which will help you backup your WordPress blog. WordPress is a fragile CMS that can be easily bricked, so it is crucial to backup your website every few weeks. 

Elementor – As a new blogger, you will have a hard time designing your blog and blog posts. And here the Elementor comes into play. Elementor is a freemium page builder which will help you design your blog and blog posts. 

Social Snap – Social Snap is a freemium social media button plugin. This plugin will help you to have a floating social media sharing button, Click to tweet button, and more. 

Now it’s time to do some SEO tasks.

Step 7. Set up Technical and Analytical SEO 

In this step, you are going to optimize your blog for Search Engines like Google or Bing. 

This optimization will help you rank your blog in search engines. 

Although there are more than 200+ ranking factors, this is the very first step you should do. 

So here I am going to cover two things,

1. Optimizing your blog for technical SEO 

2. Setting up Search Engine Console 

So let’s start…

Optimizing Technical SEO of Your Blog

In this step, I will show you how you can set up technical SEO like indexing categories and tags, setting link structure and more. 

First of all, You need to install a plugin called Rankmath, 

Just go to plugins >> Add New and Search Rankmath. 

And install the plugin. 

[ image of installing rankmath ]

Now, Click on the Activate Plugin 

Once you click on the activate button, it will redirect you to a page where it will ask you to connect to your site. 

You can connect your site with the Rankmath database, but here I am not going to do that so I will click on the Skip Now button. 

By default, it will be set as an advanced mode. 

If you are thinking, I am not good at SEO.
WHY Advanced? 

Don’t worry stick with me, and I will show you everything. 

So check on the advanced mode and click on Start Wizard. 

[ advanced mode in wizard ] 

It will take you to the page, where you have to tell a little about your blog. 

Just follow as I am doing for my blog. 

My WordPress is a – Community blog/ News Site ( if you have a personal blog or something else, then choose it from the drop-down. ) 

Business Type – Organization ( if you have some other business type then choose from the drop-down. ) 

Company Name – Mastertheseo ( enter your company name )

Upload Logo for Google – Upload a logo if you have otherwise you can skip it. 

Default social media share image – Leave it. 

Now click on the save and continue button. 

[ image of rankmath setup step 1]

Here Rankmath is asking you to connect your site with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

We are going to do it later, so click on Skip Step Button. 

[ image of skip button ] 

Now in the next step, you need to setup Sitemap of your blog. 

Follow as the given image.

I have unchecked Categories as I don’t want it to get indexed. 

When you are done, click on the save and continue button. 

[ Image of sitemap setup ] 

In the step, you need to make some SEO tweaks. 

If you don’t feel comfortable, then leave it default. 

Or follow as I have done. 

And after that, click on the save and continue button. 

Here you go, You have successfully done the basic SEO of your blog. 

Setting Up Google Search Console 

In this video, I have described how to set up Google Search on your WordPress Blog. 

Step 8. Write Your First Post 

Now, It’s time to write your first blog post. 

Excited right! You should be because creating content is the most important part of your successful blogging career. 

Here is the step-by-step process to write your first blog post. 

Step 1. Keyword Research – Keyword research is the process of finding a keyword, or you can say topic to write your blog post. I know you probably have lots of topics in your mind to write a blog post. 

But I am guessing. You probably don’t know whether you will rank for the keywords or not. So, in this case, you can use Keyword Research Tools to find easily rankable keywords to create content.

SEMRush is my favorite keyword research tool. 

You can check the video below to do keyword research using SEMRush. 

keyword research using SEMRush. 

Step 2. Writing The Blog Post – Here are some important things to consider while writing your blog post. 

1. Write your posts on Google Docs. Google Docs is my favorite; You can use others if you want. 

2. Don’t Stuff your keywords in your content, add it naturally. 

3. Add subheadings in your blog post 

4. Always try to write very detailed blog posts. 

Check out this post to get detailed information about writing a perfect blog post. 

Step 3. Publishing The Blog Post – At this point, You probably have a blog post ready to publish. 

In this step, you are going to publish your blog post on your blog. 

Follow the step-by-step process. 

1. log in to your WordPress Dashboard and Hover over on Post and Click on Add New 

WordPress Dashboard >> Post >> Add New

2. it will bring a new page, Here You have to copy and paste your draft. 

3. When you are done, click on the Publish button. 

Here you go, You have successfully published your first blog post. 

Step 9. Promote Your Blog Post 

Now it’s time for promotion, lots of new bloggers skip this step, and in result, they didn’t get enough eyeballs. 

But don’t worry, I will show you how you should promote your post. 

1. Share it on Social Media – Sharing it on social media is the first step of your blog post promotion. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the places where your audience hangs out. 

2. Answer Questions in Quora – This is the second-best blog post promotion technique, I use. And this will help you too. 

In this technique, You have to find questions related to your blog post on and answer it. 

But at the end of the answer, you place a link to your blog post. 

So if someone finds your answer helpful, they will visit your blog and even become your frequent reader. 

3. Guest Post – Guest Post is a little bit of an advanced technique. As the name suggests, you have to write a blog post on someone’s blog. 

First of all, You need to find blogs that accept guest posting, 

Then you need to make a professional relationship with the blog owner. 

Once you are comfortable with him, Just ask the owner that you want to submit a guest post. 

In most cases, blog owners will allow for it. 

Now, when you write the draft for guest posting, Naturally link back to your blog post. 

This way, You will get a good link that will help you in ranking your blog post.

4. Make a Community – Making a community of people who like to read your blog is also a good technique to promote your posts. You can make a Facebook group or Collect email using Convertkit is a great way to start. 

This way, when you publish a new blog post, You can notify your audience. 

Faq Related How to Start a blog in 2022

1. How to start a blog and get paid? 

In this post, I have already described how to start a WordPress blog. And as for monetization, you can use Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing to make money. 

2. How much does it cost to start a blog? 

The cost of starting a blog depends on many factors like Hosting, Plugins you use, and more. 
But from scratch
, it takes less than 3$/Mon to start a basic blog. 

3. Can I start a blog with no money? 

Of Course! You can create a Blogspot blog for free. But it doesn’t have many customization abilities. So if you want to make a professional blog, then it is better to kick start it with WordPress. 

4. Is it worth starting a blog in 2022? 

Yeah! You can start a blog anytime, but the case is you have to be specific about the topic. And you have to see your blog as a business. 

Conclusion – First of all, I want to congratulate you! Now you have a blog up and running. 

Starting a blog and running it was not easy before 2022. But in 2022, you have lots of resources to start a blog with no technical skills and make money online. 

If you have any questions or problems, you can ask me in the comments. I will be delighted to help you. 

Either way, you can join our Facebook group to connect with like-minded bloggers like you. 



Bitu Rauth is the founder of, a blog where he teaches how to grow a blog and make it profitable. Bitu has been helping people for the last 3+ years, feel free to connect with him on Twitter.

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Bitu Rauth is the founder of, a blog where he teaches how to grow a blog and make it profitable. Bitu has been helping people for the last 3+ years, feel free to connect with him on Twitter.

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