How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Search Console (2020 Updated)

In this blog post, I am going to show you how to submit a blogger sitemap to google webmaster tool also known as Google Search Console (GSC).

If you want to rank your website on google, then google must know about all the pages you have in your blog. But how you are going to tell Google about your blog posts and pages.  Now, using the sitemap submitted by you will help Google to find your posts.

Before, I tell you how to add sitemap in blogger and submit it into google search console.
Let’s talk about a few basic things.

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What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about, pages, posts, images and videos which your website has, And search engines like Google, Bing use this file to crawl your website’s elements. And a sitemap tells search engines, Which pages are important on your website.
Taken From Google Webmaster guide

Google can easily crawl your website or blog if they are linked properly, or some other websites have linked to your blog pages. But What if your website is completely new, or your website linking structure is not good.  Then Google will use your sitemap as a road map to find all your webpages.

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And it is a good habit to add your sitemap if you want to have a good blogspot seo perspective.

A sitemap can contain lots of thighs except blog pages and posts like images, videos and more.  But for google blogger or Blogspot user,  you only need to add your sitemap and Google will automatically crawl all your images and videos.

Now, You know that sitemap is very important, we can go ahead to submitting it to the webmaster tool.

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Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Search Console:

Submitting a blogger sitemap is an easy job. Even if you don’t have the technical knowledge, you can easily submit your blog sitemap.
Here are the steps you need to follow to successfully submit blogger sitemap to search engine console.

Step #1: Add your blog to GSC

Now, First, you need to add your blog into google search console.
If you already did that then move to step 3 if not then follow my steps

To do that, head over to search console (make sure you have signed in with your Google account)
Then go to add a property and choose URLs Prefix 
Now enter your website URL and hit continue…

Adding website property in search engine console

If your Blogspot has been open with the same Gmail, you are logged in now, then it will automatically get verified.  If not then you need to verify it manually.

Step #2: Verify your blog 

There will be five different options to verify your blog
But for Blogspot users, I will recommend you to verify your blog using HTML tag. 

To verify with Html tag, You have to copy the Html code given by GSC and paste it into the Head section of your blogger theme.

verify website property by using Html tag

Here is how to do it.
First, Open your blogger dashboard in a new window  Then go to the theme section and click on edit theme And paste the code after the <head> section

Adding Html tag in blogger template

Now go back to google search console and click verify…
Awesome! You have successfully verified your blog to GCS

Step #3: Add your blogger sitemap

After your blogger blog has verified to webmaster tool, 
Now you need to add your sitemap
To do that, 

Go to sitemap section from the left side navigation On the add a new sitemap,
You will find your Blogspot URL or your custom domain name, 

Now here paste the URL slugs given below in the blank space

Add sitemap url slugs in GSC

Now hit submit, and refresh the page!
Here you go, you have successfully submitted your blogger post sitemap to google search console.

Note  If your blog has more than 500 posts then you need to add one more sitemap  All the steps will be the same but this time, you need to paste this code.  This will allow Google to index the maximum of 1000 posts.


And if you have more than 1000 blog post then I will recommend you switch to WordPress.

Submit Blogger static page sitemap to google search engine console:

If your Blogspot blog has lots of important pages and you want that Google should index those pages then you need to add one more sitemap for your static pages.

But how you can add blogger page sitemap Here is the deal… 
All the steps I have told you above will be the same, 

First, inside the Google Search Console Go to sitemap section
And then add this URL slug

How to submit blogger static page sitemap to google search console

And hit submits button and… 
Congratulations! You have successfully added static pages sitemap to google search console.

FAQs related Submitting Sitemap

1. How to submit a sitemap for blogger custom?
Whether you are using a custom domain or Blogspot domain. You need to follow the same steps to submit the sitemap. But when you are adding your site in google search console add the custom domain name of your blogger.

2. Why submit a sitemap to Google?
Submitting a sitemap of your blog will help Google to discover new pages and posts of your blog.

3. How to create a sitemap on Blogspot?
You don’t need to generate a sitemap. You just have to paste this atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=1000 after your Blogspot URL to find your sitemap.

4. How do I find my Sitemap on Blogger?
To find out your blog sitemap on blogger, Just insert the code {code} after your blog URLs.  Example:

5. What is a sitemap URL?
Sitemap URL is a link or URL which search engines like google use to crawl your site.

6. how to add a mobile sitemap in the Blogspot blog?
There is no, Specific sitemap for the mobile device. You just need to submit one sitemap or all types of devices.

Conclusion:  Here you go, using this step by step method you can easily submit your blogger sitemap to GSC.  As you know that submitting sitemap is important for SEO, Now you are one step ahead than your competitors. 
Awesome right!

Now, tell me in the comments, If you are having a problem submitting your sitemap.
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